Yet Another Foot brace Design

Margot has small feet and short legs. The Sea Tour 15R that I built does not have inwales. This means a simple bar that reaches between the gunwales is too high for a foot brace. What I came up with is an offshoot of  Tom Yost's design. Margot reports that it works great. :-)

footrest overview

rear view footrest

A 7/8" crossbar with four 3/4" stubs. Two slip into the cross bar, two are attached to the HDPE footrest. So far I am using worm gear tubing clamps to restrain the foot brace. The foot braces simply swivel on their attachment screws to remove the assembly as shown below. This also lets them adust to the different geometry of the stringers as you slide them forward or back. The screws are 10-24 SS flat head with elastic stop nuts.

footrest detached