Building two Yost Sea Tour 15Rs

Two sea tour 15R
Still in the back yard
Belmont Slough
Belmont Slough, nr San Francisco, CA
boat pix
Del Valle Reservoir, nr Livermore, CA

First of all, thank you Tom Yost for putting all the design and building information on the web. I built two, one for me and one for Margot, my wife. I haven't waterproofed the zippers yet, so we've been paddling in flat water while we get better skills.

Construction went pretty well as outlined on Yostwerks. I've deviated a few places from plans, that's what I want to expose here.

Many of the links in the articles below point to Aircraft Spruce or McMaster-Carr. I have no affiliation with these suppliers, I'm just used to using them. I include the links to better describe the piece of hardware that I use.

 Strongback    Strongback  

coaming   Coaming

Deck stringer finish   Finish of deck stringers at bulkheads 3 and 4

Floor attachment   Attachment of floor to bulkheads

Footrest  Foot braces

Seat  Seat

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